About Bengal Cats

BengalThe first thing that anyone will notice about Bengal cats is their beautiful leopard style markings. These marking come from Bengal cats being a hybrid of domesticated cats and Asian Leopard Cats, which are wild cats from South and East Asia.

litterFor Bengal cats to be good pets, they need to be at least four generations (F4) away from their wild ancestors. Our Bengals are well past the fifth generation (F5), and have a very gentle, domestic temperament, while still retaining the well defined leopard marking that make these cats so unique.

bengal2Despite having wild cats in their history, Bengal cats are very friendly and good with both adults and children. They also tend to adapt very well to being around other family pets. One way in which you can see a little bit of their heritage is in their intelligence. Bengals are known for being very smart and can often be trained to do a variety of tricks.